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“Aufgeben Gibts Nicht!” (Ain’t No Givin’ Up and No Givin’ Out!”

I was awakened at 5 A.M. the morning after my arrival by the squawking, shrilling, “uuk uuk UUK” sound of seagulls flying overhead.

I had arrived yesterday late afternoon, here at a vacation resort on the Baltic Sea to present my book, Einen Herzschlag entfernt, at the 7th cardiac reunion of the Herztreffen für halbe Herzen–an organization that supports babies, children and adults with the phenomena of being born with only half of their hearts.

Steffi Hahnl and Carmen Krickau, the first and second chairmen of the Fontanherzen e.V. and their team put together a wonderful weekend for the fifty or so families who came for the event. Holiday apartments were arranged at the Weissenhäusser Beach hotel directly on the Baltic Sea; accommodations included breakfast and dinner, a 3 hour gratis spa or swim paradise and while the parents were in the full day seminar, the kids were in childcare facilities.

Several doctors spoke and projects were introduced and then came my presentation. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, I could only go into so much detail. But my main point I got across and I knew it when the audience yelled out, “Aufgeben gibts nicht!” (“Ain’t no givin’ up and no givin’ out!”) and gave me a thunderous applause. I was thrilled on so very many levels. Firstly, giving these people who are walking on a similar path as mine, any form of hope is my intention. And that mission was clearly accomplished by all the people who approached me when I left the stage and who wanted to know where they could buy the book and wanted to share their stories with me. One lady told me that I said in less than an hour, what would take her five hours to try and make someone understand. I had the honor of speaking with and meeting so many wonderful, wonderful people. I told them all, we are family.

And that evening walking back to my room, the gulls were quiet. I smiled. I had taken Daddy’s mantra of “It ain’t no givin’ up and no givin’ out” all the way from 33rd and Yesler where I grew up and had brought it all the way to the Baltic Sea.

Daddy’s gift to me. His gift which inspired, instilled within me a sense of perseverance and gave me hope. A gift that I can share with others.

I am thankful.

It was a good day.

As my baby sister Dana, would say: “As it should be.”

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