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Dana lives in Seattle, and Tracie lives in Germany. We are businesswomen, writers and humorists. We write about life, dating, and today's modern women.

Are you an Eeyore or a Tigger?

This past summer, I took my ten year old daughter on a Mommy and Me getaway to Disneyland in celebration of her turning double digits. Taryn was the director of our trip and the only caveat was that I could not say NO. I agreed, (within reason) that her wish would be my command. We spent an incredible afternoon at Universal Studios. Thanks to the availability of Line Priority Passes which were available for purchase, we toured the lot and saw all the major attractions. We took the tram andwent down Wisteria Lanewhere Desperate Housewives is filmed, saw the mechanical shark from Jaws, and confirmed her need for sleepingthat night in my bedwhen Norman Bates came running at us with a knife! The next day, by the gracious invitation of an execat Disney Pixar, wewent and toured their private studios. Winniethe Pooh was just being released. Aswe sat and marveled at the painstaking time that went into each character drawing, Ireflected on the age old question’
are you aTigger or and Eeyore?’ I lectured Taryn that I believe A.A. Milne, the authorof Christopher Robbins and all the Pooh characters perfectly pennedpeople we come into contact with everyday. As Tigger says ‘It’s gonna be a beautiful day” or Eeyore and his negative, pessimistic, depressedview on everything, “The sky is falling.”Onthe 3rd day,at Disneyland, where unfortunately priority passes were not available, we literally stood in the blazing heat for 4 hours to go on a 2 minute ride down Splash Mountain. My frustration was bubbling to the point of eruption! The fast passes, available to all attendeeswere a joke, you still had to wait it out! Nothing fast about a4 hour wait! I stood there grumbling, tired, sweating. I was gonna come off the ride a soaked miserable mess. Didn’t she want to do a more hair friendly ride, like the ferris wheel? The only saving grace was asingle dadin line in front of me agreed to lend me his rainponcho – guess he got tired of hearing me complain too. At least my hair would be saved! I was hungry, ready for a nap and acool frosty beverage – anything with vodka added would be abonus.I wasfeeling like a real ol tired menopausebarbee mama, when my daughter looked at me and said,
“Mama, it is what it is. Are you gonna be a Tigger or an Eeyore?