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Don’t Serve Time…Let Time Serve You

Steve, my former husband and my children’s father was Irish; hence the last name Looney. How many years did we joke, Where do the Irish go on vacation?  Answer..,Another bar. Well this year, they can go on vacation to another room in their home.  If your American in the kitchen, what are you in the bathroom? Answer European – but not with toilet paper.

Today being St Patrick’s Day, I cant help but reflect on pre Coronavirus celebrations. We donned green attire, tattooed shamrocks on our cheeks, dined on corn beef and cabbage and consumed the good corona  -beer.  We hugged, shook hands, danced and sang in packed bars in every city. Never in my wildest imagination could I imagine a day when restaurants, bars, beauty salons, health clubs, and any communal experience would be banned. I walked through my local Safeway grocery store yesterday and stood aghast at the empty shelves where toilet paper was once shelved. Today, I went into a Starbucks and the seating was all removed. Orders were just grab and go. Seeing familiar faces of friends, we awkwardly exchanged distant waves with strain and pain of social ques on how to acknowledge and embrace each other. We settled on elbow bumping.

There is a sign when you enter Riker’s Prison, “Don’t serve time, let time serve you.” This powerful sentiment is no better needed than now. While you are off work, out of school, missing engaging with friends, and a complete interruption of your life… let time serve you.
Read – I’m just finishing Maybe You Should Talk to Someone by Lori Gottlieb. In this memoir, a psychotherapist shares how she ended up on the therapist couch after her own personal crisis.
Spring Clean and donate clothes – as Marie Kondo organizing consultant asks, ‘Does it bring you joy?’  Let items you enjoyed bring others joy
Binge on Netflix Last night I watched episodes of Dirty Money and the expose on Jared Kutcher, President Trump’s son in law was fascinating. Doctor Foster, thanks to Michelle Peacock’s recommendation was entertaining as well.
FaceTime and check on friends and family – I’ve caught up with relatives in Detroit, LA, and Pennsylvania
Go for a walk This morning at 8 30 AM, I hit the streets for some fresh air and to keep the bones moving.
Clear emails
Get your business in order– do a thorough  look at your finances
Shop online. I bought some bracelets for my fiancé from Tara Sorenson Stylish, great price point, and an immediate picker upper
Spend quality time– I’ve had sleepovers in my moms bed and we’ve binge watched Dateline, CNN, and Netflix.
Support Food Banks- clean out your pantry
Donate to all the charities that you would have supported during March Madness- During March, I would have attended Stolen Youth, Treehouse for Foster Kids, Bellevue LifeSpring and so many more noble fundraisers. These organizations need our support now more than ever.
And finally, pray- may this resolve much sooner than later.
May the luck of the Irish be with all of us as we rebound.

To all my Leprechan’s – bottoms up! Enjoy your staycation.

St Paddy’s Day circa mid 1990’s