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Amazing Grace

If you by chance awoke this morning as I did, weighed down with things heavy on your mind, hobble over to the point where you find yourself standing straight in the light of the truth and that which is good, guiltless and makes your heart gladden.

My particular burden (blessing) today is that I must go to the German High Court this morning and await it’s decision on my son’s financial suit against me. For the past three years, he and his father have found schlepping me through the courts to be the right thing to do.

Now, one might ask, how does one sue the woman who lay down to gift you life; the one who tenderly and carefully fed, clothed, bathed and read to you? The one who fought for your life with every ounce of strength she had time and again when the doctors repeated their refrain to “let him die, there is no hope”?

One of the wonders of this life is that things will happen that we just can’t understand, and that notion/truth is in and of itself amazing.

The blessing for me today in this particular situation is that no matter what the court decides, I will be free from this issue now. Done. No more courts, no more attorney fees, no more plowing through files seeking the answers to aid my defense. I will be free to put this behind me.

And I’m not angry. By the grace of God, I am simply amazed.

And so it’s a good day.