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The Day Will Come… But in the Meantime Back the F*#*k up!

I am proud of my friends as we have adhered and done our part to refrain from gathering. We have cancelled scheduled trips, dinners, birthday celebrations, work outs and charities. Many of us are business owners and we have closed up shop as we navigate how we will support and rebuild after this storm. We have settled on daily conversations and video chats. We have shared recipes, funny jokes, joined a free Yale online class, best books, and Netflix picks, and all of us have discovered our super power is making wine disappear. We are doing our part. We know that once this virus is contained, we will revel in the laughter and interactions we all long to share. We will get our bodies waxed, our income taxed, and hair relaxed after confinement. Yes, that day will come…Yesterday, I found this post on my step daughter, Stephanie’s Facebook page and it was so profoundly relevent, I had to share.
“If you were called tomorrow and told that you had tested positive for COVID-19 and asked to list all the places you had been and all the people you had been in contact with for the last 14 days – would you be proud of yourself, or embarrassed by your actions?”