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Act Like A Lady…Think Like A Man- Duh?

Last night, I saw the movie Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man.

As I sat with my mom and sister, we chuckled at the predictable story line, but I left asking myself, are we as women really this naive? I mean it’s 2012! Statistics show we are 57% of college students, single and childless women are out-earning men in the same situation, women are a 1/3 of physicians, 54% of accountants, 45% of law associates, and we have about 50% of all business and insurance jobs.

We are educated, athletic, nurturing, business savvy and intelligent. We have evened the workforce and as such the playing and dating field should be equalized.

Why then, oh why do some women revert back to prehistoric behavior in dating and give men all their power?

It’s ironic that I saw this movie after catching Gloria Steinem on OWN Network this past week. I was truly moved by the strides women have made in the workplace and home front. A clip on the program showed that in the 1962 Boston Marathon, not one woman competed. The belief was that female runners couldn’t handle the strain. They could collapse or worse they could irreparably damage their reproductive systems. In 1972, this was relented.

Bottom line for me, as women, we have come a long way from June Cleaver on the hit 1950’s television show, Leave it to Beaver.

We have all heard the phrase that water seeks it’s own level. Several months ago, I posted about a Ludong and Tuna. Ludong being the most expensive fish and well, most of us can afford Tuna. My question I proposed, ‘what kind of catch are you?’ I don’t care how you might be struggling, you still can carry yourself like a Ludong!

There is an old adage that if you thought you could do better, you never would have settled down. In the movie, Think Like A Man, everyone is searching for their soul mate.

There’s the mama’s boy, the narcissist, the broke “dreamer”, and the gigolo that just wants to get a woman to bed. I have many male friends and I truly enjoy our camaraderie. But ladies, I have heard them say ‘if it was that easy for me, then it was/would be that easy for every one else.’

Duh? Ladies, start asking that same question of your date.

Ask yourself a simple question… Would you want to date yourself? If the answer is yes, consider yourself lucky! And if not, run!