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Dana lives in Seattle, and Tracie lives in Germany. We are businesswomen, writers and humorists. We write about life, dating, and today's modern women.

A Wealth of Gratitude…

When I talk about Generational Wealth, I must express that it is not only a monetary growth and transfer of assets, but a way of life.  The wealth of love I feel with each turn around the sun by the love, friendship, family connections, and my community is truly one of my greatest wealth assets.

Yesterday morning, I was playing tennis with a friend who asked how my birthday weekend went.  Truly, I was simultaneously exhausted and elated.  There has been a Mariner’s Game, hosted by my husband’s company, dinner at the Fairmont, 2 lunches at Carmines,  dinner at Overlake, dinner at The Met, art walk shopping through Pioneer Square @John Braseth, we need to talk!), a matinee seeing Top Gun, supporting the opening of Midtown’s Public Square, visits, phone calls, and quality time with those I cherish.   My tennis friend shared that she turned 50 six months ago, and had spent the day in bed crying because that milestone was a birthday that her mother never reached.   I couldn’t shake our conversation all day, so I went by and surprised her at her home with flowers and a gift last night.  She was flabbergasted. I felt good.  I recognized how blessed I am by all the love I receive on not only my birthday but everyday.  Sometimes even the smallest gestures are the greatest gifts to let others know they matter.   The pouring of texts, calls, Social media posts, gifts, flowers, visits, cakes, lunches, dinners, drinks, donations to support Ms. Helen’s Diner www.gofundme/f/helens-soul-food all have been overwhelming, humbling and making me recognize how blessed I am to share this journey with each and everyone of you.

I slept last night…real good!  My sister arrives from Germany today and the good times continue!!

With Gratitude,