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A Poem for Lisa…

I love to write little ditties for special people in my life…

Last night, we celebrated Lisa Armintrout and here’s what I had to say

A Poem for Lisa…

On a March 2016 visit to Chicago, I didn’t have a clue

That you would sneak off to the Desert where you would say I DO!

Under Palm Trees and the scorching sun,

You looked at your man and proclaimed Doug, YOU are the ONE!

And just like that Lisa Dingwall became Mrs. Armintrout

As it should be in the minds of all her friends and family without a doubt

Love knows no boundaries – especially when life serves enough lemons or an occasional lime

At the Super Bowl, a re-connection determined fate and it was simply time

So you packed up the Gold Coast and moved back to the Pacific Northwest

Back to boating, Seahawk football, and keeping us abreast

Happy Hour…

But no bridal shower?

Patti and I couldn’t resist

So we bought you sexy lingerie for your marital tryst

Good Bye to the Chicago Bears, Bulls and Windy City

Time to get down to the Nitty Gritty

Yes, time  to share this legacy of love

Lisa Dingwall Armintrout, you are a gift from God above!

Here’s to all the happiness your heart can hold…

You deserve it all, you are more precious than gold!


lisa and doug