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A Menopausebarbee Gets Some Balls…

I have asked in previous blogs when was the last time you did something for the first time?

I am always up for a new adventure, so I like to frequently ask that question of myself. So when my dear friend, Susan Johnson invited me for guest day at the Overlake Golf and Country Club yesterday, I found myself on the greens.

Twenty years ago, I took lessons, but never played the game. I have countless friends and family that are passionate about golf, and truthfully, I never could comprehend the obsession.
Or for that matter, I thought I’d have to go to night school to pick up the lingo. I had a humongous learning curve which I thought was my handicap with words such as over par, bogey, front 9, mulligan, sand wedge, putter and which iron to use. Gimme a break, I wanted to scream! But, I soon learned a Gimme is when the ball is certain to make it in the hole.

All the new verbiage, in addition to finding solutions to what to do when a ball goes in the water or trying to spot where a ball landed with my menopausebarbee cheater eyeglasses, and learning to keep score was quite taxing!

I am not huge on patience and quite frankly crown myself as the queen of multitasking, so I admit I did go into a panic attack when Susan shared that I would be without my cell phone for 3 hours!!! How could I stay in touch with all the urgent matters needing my attention and stay focused on chasing a little white ball?

Susan told me to relax, cocktails would be served, we would only be out for 9 holes, most people play 18, and we would be playing best ball (another new term) and we had a nice foursome. So at Susan’s patient direction, I kept my eye on the ball and actually made contact! The bloody Mary’s and Screw Drivers were a huge bonus! A sporty drink made us all relax,plus tolerant and fun team players with Janet, Katie and Susan, I found I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

I may have lost two balls, but this menopausebarbee will be back swinging!