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A Leprechaun for Me

With it being St. Patrick’s Day, I thought I would re-post a blog I wrote during my last trip to  Dublin. . . .

Lady D.

Ahh…you know her well. Intimately. She’s the one you turn to when you’ve exhausted all other avenues. When it comes down to the nitty gritty, you know that she’s the only one who can see you through your toughest times. She trains and encourages you mentally and physically. Her goal is to keep you in line and under control as you reach towards that higher plain.

Abiding by the rules that we give her and that she enforces, though in itself is not punishment, it can sometimes be tough. But when you really consider it, I’m sure you would agree that it is just easier to succumb to her demands because the alternative is to be flooded with guilt. She’s got that umph! of what it takes to bring a certain symmetry to everything about us as she goes about helping us to put our lives in alphabetical order.

She’s always there when we need her.

She was on top of her game with me during my trip to Dublin last week.

My challenges revolved around the following events: It all started during my harrowing trip I endured trying to get to the airport on time. Having exited the Autobahn at the wrong exit (thinking I could save time), then u-turning in the middle of a very aggressive bumper to bumper traffic of drivers pissed off that they had to drive on this particular day anyway because of the public transportation strike, and culminated with me finally reaching my destination via an Autobahn that I’d never driven before. It was not quite 9 in the morning and I was done!

Several hours later I’m in Ireland! On Bow Street! For the tour of the Jameson Whiskey Distillery where all the guests were greeted with some kind of whiskey mixed drink! Now I don’t drink whiskey, but I was at the Distillery on Bow Street! and Jameson is by far the best selling Irish whiskey in the world for heaven’s sake! And of course, after the tour, we were offered pre-dinner whiskey drinks: Neat? How about a Jameson Julep? Jameson and ginger? Right here. A Jameson and cranberry not only looked good, but I know I’ve read somewhere that cranberries are good for you. And of course, dinner would just not be complete without a Real Irish Coffee served in a big bowled glass mug with a big ol’ dessert spoon of whipped cream floating on top now, would it?

Would it?!

And of course all the Irish pubs no doubt took great pleasure in teasing me, beckoning me in as I passed their quaint window fronts here and there and of course there were the fine wines offered at the Castle of Dublin dinner and the FAWCO Foundation dinner.

Oh, how I was tested . . . You see, I had decided to put the bottle down during the days of Lent. I wasn’t giving something up, I told myself, no! I was putting the alcohol glass down and in doing so, doing something good for myself. Well . . . I’d forgotten about all that good stuff I was doing for myself when well into Lent I decided at the drop of a hat to go on this trip.

Fortunately, my girlfriend Robin Goldsby ( and our menopausebarbee Monday Spotlight several times, unbeknownst to me had had her own little round table with Lady D, so when we each found out we were in the same boat, it was just great because we commiserated, laughed, joked and wondered if we were insane together.

On our day of departure, we went to the celebrated Shelbourne Hotel for lunch. Robin captured the colorful picture taken in the bar that I’ve posted on this blog today. Gorgeous isn’ it? What color! What beautiful glasses! What! What! What!
Lady D is the one. She will force you to have your own Come to Jesus. At the end of the day, it is because of her that we can look in the mirror and smile at our reflection. She will show us what we are made of.

Lady Discipline, this one is for you.

And for me?

A leprechaun of course.

Robin entertaining at Jameson’s Distillery