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A Covid-19 Tuesday Truth

 The truth of the matter is that Covid-19 has indeed put a new spin on everything. The world is slowly and cautiously, but surely navigating the path towards a new normal. To that end, we all have to revisit and revise our 2020 eve New Year resolutions and plans. But we have to show up. How you choose to show up depends on you. *Note to self: Crying will not help you.

I used to read to my son the story of the Little Engine that Could. I love this story because it teaches children the value of optimism and hard work; to believe that we can move mountains if we need to. It’s also about generosity and lending a helping hand–something a lot of folks need these days. So if you feel like your engine is stuck, do read this story. There’s no shame in finding encouragement wherever you can–even in a children’s tale. Sometimes that’s where the best life lessons are to be found.

I–think–I–can. I–think–I–can. I–think–I–can. I knew you could! #aintnogivinupandnogivinout !!