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As Memorial Day approaches, I am sharing one of my classic favorite Daddy stories.

This one is called Daddy and the Million Dollar Cadillac

dana daddy mama  white caddy


While visiting the new African American Museum in D.C. last month, of all the multitude of items on display, Chuck Berry’s shiny red Cadillac caught my attention.

As my daughter prepares to turn 16 next week, we are researching all the popular four wheelers of today, such as Ford Escapes, Jeeps, and  GMC SUVs.  I recall my first car, a white mustang convertible with a hood scoop!



Oh how times have changed.  I’m a Menopausebarbee, and a child of the 70’s,  there was something special about a Cadillac.  Growing up, my mother had a white Brougham convertible and on a long summer family trip to Mexico, my dad stopped in Ontario, California and adorned the vehicle with white wall tires.  My siblings, and neighbor besties, Carrie and Sandra and I spent many a day scrubbing those white walls to keep them pristine.  We had the perfect concoction of Ajax, Ivory Liquid and hot soapy water.  That car was an extension of my Mama’s being.  We spent countless hours driving downtown, to family dinners, the Gilt Edge Cleaners, Dirty Brother’s BBQ or simply to Lucky  Grocery store.  I recall at Our Lady of Mt. Virgin, I was the fortunate name pulled from Sr. Beverly’s box with the honor of crowing the Blessed Virgin. This was a May Day tradition, where the school and community paraded around the block singing, “Oh Mary we crown ye with blossoms today.  Queen of the Angels, Queen of the May.”  Mama had bronchitis, but even her cough and sore body could not keep her and her Caddy from driving around the block at 1 mile per hour, until I placed the crown of flowers on the statue of Mary. Yep, Mama and her Caddy in tow. Just like today’s American Express, Mama never left home without that car.

One day, Mama came barreling down the stairs and out the house on a sunny afternoon, and to her dismay, her shiny white Caddy was no where to be seen.  She rushed back into the house to find Daddy sitting at his desk in our home office, where she exhaled, “Gerald, where’s my car?”

Daddy beamed that he had just sold the car in a trade for a view home in our Leschi neighborhood.

He proudly held up the signed title to our new purchase.  Mama screeched as Daddy dismissed her.  The purchaser, P.J. thought he made a great deal as the car could move but the house couldn’t.

Mama was inconsolable, and it took a lot of years for her to get over her rage at yet another one of Daddy’s creative financing deals.

I think about that car often, and it especially comes into focus today on my flashback Friday as nearly forty years to the day, when P.J.  the purchaser drove off in his new ride, we still own that rental today.  Oh how I hoped P.J. enjoyed that Caddy as much as Mama did!  Daddy, may you and that Caddy RIP, I think Mama forgives you.

Happy Memorial Day Everyone!