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Dana, Dani & Friends for a Good Cause!

Canopy Blue is so cool…

Nestled in the Madison Valley between Lake Washington on one side and Puget Sound and downtown Seattle on the other, this inviting boutique carries designer women’s apparel, jewellery, footwear & accessories.

Affordable luxury which is always a splendid thing.

Distinguished as the Best Women’s Clothing Boutique in the Seattle area, this fashionable store was the venue yesterday evening from 5–9 P.M. for the 15th annual Treehouse Toy drive. Sponsored by proprietress, the lovely Dani Ackerley, and my sister, local rock-star and co-blogger Dana, and Friends, it was a night to remember, as it is each and every year–that’s why it’s been going strong for 15 years.

I applaud my sister as this Toy drive is her baby.

She envisioned it and has brought it to life. And it works like this: Local vendors set up their wares and sell at reduced prices to a public invited to eat, drink and be merry–with one caveat: entrance is gained only if you have a new unwrapped toy or gift (or make a donation) for the children at the Treehouse Foster Care Program. ( A wonderful win–win for everybody.

Participating vendors offered perfumes, lotions and potions, divine chocolate truffles, jewellery, antiques, men’s accessories, hand crafted Christmas cards and I had the honor of setting up shop and selling my book, Incompatible with Nature–A Mother’s Story. Thrilled and thankful for this opportunity and that all my books were sold!

As the evening began to wind down and everyone started packing up to go home, we all made a round of applause to and for each other. Fashion strategist and founder/producer of Fashion First, Joan Kelly ( led the way with her infectious enthusiasm.

The evening was again a success, everyone was satisfied and a grand time was had by all. And most importantly, there will some happy, happy, happy kids smiling brightly for Christmas.

An affordable luxury which is always a splendid thing.

Keep it in the spirit my friends!

3121 East Madison Street, Suite 104, Seattle, Washingon 98112 
Monday-Friday 10-7  |  Saturday 10-6  |  Sunday by appointment