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The 13th Annual Kinderlachen Gala


English translation: children’s laughter. No matter which language you say it, the sound of children’s laughter just might be considered to be the most beautiful sound in this whole wide world.

Marc Peine and Christian Vosseler know this. They are the founders of the Kinderlachen charity and they want to make sure that everyone else knows it too.

The Kinderlachen organization has the head office in Dortmund, Germany, and has branched out over the years to now having offices in Hamburg, Berlin and Munich, Germany. They also support projects in the German speaking countries of Austria and Switzerland as well.

Kinderlachen supports children in various ways: those afflicted with illness, those affected by a tough blow from the hands of fate and those on the fringes of society due to discrimination. They believe that no child should suffer because of ‘a lack of,’ rather they should be happy, secure and very importantly in my eyes, be full of optimism. We all know that life is not easy and these kids who face extra challenges in life need all the help they can get to believe my mantra that we should never give up! The Kinderlachen mission is to provide these fundamental elements of a decent life to as many children as possible.

Now, isn’t that a good thing!

Just a tip of the iceberg of what they do, have done and are doing:

Although Germany is one of the richest countries in the world, poverty does exist–one example of this is that a lot of kids don’t have their own bed to sleep in. In 2009 Kinderlachen raised enough funds so that 1000 children–1000!–could have their own bed to get a good night’s sleep in as well as other important furniture elements, like writing desks and chairs providing a place to focus on homework.

And for the children who have migrated to Germany and don’t understand the language, they’ve provided a program where these kids are sensitively prepared for the German school system. No one is turned away because if their religion, gender or skin color.

And Kinderlachen supports kids up to the age of seventeen who are afflicted with illness in hospitals and hospices.

The Gala held last Saturday, December 2, 2017 was a sold out event. Over €560,000 was raised through the efforts of Marc and Christian and all their supporters who believe every child should have a reason to smile.

I had the very good fortune of attending this event at the very generous invitation of international gala singer Folkert Klaassen and his lovely Thea along with the brilliant scientist and tv host Jean Pütz. Thank you for the great company!



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