... the tales of two sisters

Dana lives in Seattle, and Tracie lives in Germany. We are businesswomen, writers and humorists. We write about life, dating, and today's modern women.

Sunday night.

I lay in bed and call to mind, the events of another beautiful Seattle weekend. It dawns on me that though Dani and I attended three distinctly different gatherings this weekend, they all had the same underlying current.

The first event on Friday was a celebration of life; the birth date of a woman well-loved. This intimate surprise lavish dinner party held in honor of Nina Morrison was arranged by her rock-star daughter Bri. Between drinks and dinner, 14 family members and friends seated around the dining table took turns telling Nina what she meant to them. The outpouring of love drew tears and applause.

The second event was also a celebration of life, a celebration for a life that was. I guestimate that around 150 folks had come together, all dressed in white per the request of the bereaved mother who organized this gathering to celebrate the life of her 32-year-old son; a son who unfortunately lost his life in a boating accident in June. Coming out from the shade of the pandemic, and into the sunshine of cheerful memories, family, friends, and acquaintances were on hand to celebrate Jasaan Dowell’s life. There were hugs and smiles and a multitude of “Of course I remember you”s. Before the vats and vats of food for the soul were served, a passionate rousing prayer was offered, drawing tears and applause.

Dana, mom, and I couldn’t stay too long at this celebration as we were also invited to attend the 65th–yes the 65th wedding anniversary of our dear family friends Joan and Ed Singler. Their daughters, Carrie and Sandra grew up with us Frank girls. We are family. We arrived just as Joan was about to share a tribute to life and love with Ed, its conclusion drawing tears and applause.

Three distinctly different celebrations drawing tears and applause: a birth, a death, and a certain inseparableness.

Three visuals of love.

It’s Monday, everybody. Be sure to love somebody this week.