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The Heart of an Education – Paying it Forward

February is Heart month and today’s sharing warms my heart. When my children’s father, Steve Looney passed untimely after undergoing a successful neck surgery due in part to his dedication from his astounding athleticism, we sought a way to honor his legacy. Steve was a die hard Seattle University Alumni, former educator at Washington Middle School, All Star Athlete, Businessman, Devoted Father and Friend to All.

Last week, our son, Brett Frank Looney met the first recipient of the Steve Looney Scholarship he has worked tirelessly to endow. Oliva Crawford, you make us proud and we are honored you are a part of this legacy.

RECIPIENT BIOGRAPHY MY THANKS TO YOU I am extremely grateful to be recognized for my personal attributes. This scholarship signifies more than just a numerical figure, it highlights who I am as a person and it’s priceless. I understand that Mr. Looney was multi-talented and a wonderful businessman. I aspire to have some of his attributes in my life as I move forward to my graduation in the Spring of 2020.

The Looney Family give a heartfelt thanks to all who contributed to the Steve Looney Scholarship! Photo of Oliva and Brett with former SU Athletic Director and Steve Looney close friend, Bill Hogan.

Stephanie, Brett and Taryn – your legacy xo